Accepted Offer

Finally, today after looking a countless homes to find the right one, and writing three offers, we have an accepted offer. There were many homes that my buyers were interested in but after two days on the market and in some cases only one day on the market, there were multiple offers on these properties.

How did we get the accepted offer, after all the long hours of looking and with tough competition? We had to stay on task and keep looking and continue to write offers. They could have gotten tired of looking or depressed about the results, but we kept our eye on the goal and it finally happened!

These were my buyers that thought they would not be able to be buyers and were presently surprised they found that they qualified.  Even if you think that you could not possibly qualify you too may be surprised when you take the step to get qualified and hear the results. If you do not have a lender ask your Realtor and if you don’t have a Realtor, give me a call. I will be glad to help and give you a referral to a good lender.