I need some help!

Do you ever feel like you just need some help with your rental property? If so you are not alone. I often hear that many homeowners feel alone in their quest to find good tenants. Not everyone has the same lifestyle as you or I do. Doing walk trough’s can be disheartening, especially if you have once lived in the home or put a lot of blood, sweat and money into the property.

Let’s face it, sometimes it would be much easier to hand the entire job over to someone else to help you find the right tenants who are qualified and who will pay the rent on time.  It is tough to have to track tenants down each month to collect the rent.  After listening to the excuses and problems they are having you may feel like it would be better to not have the rental income.  Problem is you still have a mortgage to pay and may not have enough equity in it yet to sell your home at this time.

Property Management is a 24-7 job and you need to have someone who does not buy the excuses yet has the ability to work with the tenants if they are going through difficult times to collect their rent.  Call me and I will do your property management for you.  Contact me for you free consultation today!