A Well Priced Home Will Sell.


Priced to Sell
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When you choose your sales price it is important to have your REALTOR run a comparative market analysis of the recent sales in your area. Tools found on the internet such as Zillow and Trulia are wonderful but do not replace the information that your REALTOR can obtain and provide. Once you have that information what sellers choose to do with it may be a very different thing. Hopefully after seeing what the comparative homes have sold for you will be able to view the information realistically. Pricing your home too high and hoping to get that price will not necessarily help your but in fact may hinder your chances of obtaining your goal.




One idea is to figure out what you have to get out of your home sale to make then numbers work an then see what the comparison sales are. This will tell you how close to your ideal price you are. Then instead of trying to get as much as possible and pricing your home that way, price your home moderately. If your home is priced correctly you may be pleasantly surprised and find that you end up with more than one offer to purchase and buyers may end up bidding for a price higher than your initial list price.




Good luck with your listing!








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