What is the best time to sell?

Recently I was asked what the best time to sell is. In my opinion, the best time to sell is when it makes sense, when the numbers work for you. Each individual has a different set of circumstances, price they wish to obtain and reason for selling.

Just because traditionally many believe that winter months are slow. While this may be true for some, according to the Reno Sparks Association of Realtor’s we are currently in a Seller’s market. Why not take advantage of that and sell your home in Reno, NV or Sparks, NV now. With the low inventory your home is sure to be showcased and get plenty of attention providing that it is priced right!

Additionally for buyers there are a number of down payment assistance programs and even grants available to help them realize the American dream. For one grant, currently available, you do not have to be a first time home buyer and grant means no repayment requirement! Call me today to discuss how I can help you to realize your goal. Happy listing and happy hunting!