What kind of seller are you?

Whether you have a property that is currently listed or are considering listing your home there are a few tips that you should keep in mind while selling. These tips may help you arrive at a deal sooner than later and may in the end save you money.

When a buyer makes an offer on your property, even if it is not very close to what you, the seller had in mind, counter it. Once you reject the offer, often the deal can be dead. With a counter offer at least there is a chance that the byer may come back with a better offer or even accept your new terms. It is a good idea to let your Realtor know what your bottom line is. Keeping it a secret from your Realtor does not do you any favors. They need to know your bottom line to sell your home and adequately negotiate your sale. After all, isn’t that why you have a Realtor?

Don’t list your property at exactly the price that you want to receive less closing costs. Remember buyers want to get the best deal possible; sellers want to get the most for their property. When selling you need to be ready to accept less than you listed for if you want a quick sale. This amount may be less than you think your home is worth or what you think you can get for your home, ask yourself, is it worth holding out for another $1,000 or so? Of course the number may be different in each case but if you can live with the bottom line than take it. Additionally the comparison sales will have a lot to do with what our home finally sells for. This tactic often ends up with a deal that falls out of escrow or is never made, and can cost you more money in the end in utilizes and house payments unless your home is paid off. Sometimes when you hold out for a higher price it may come but if it is only a few thousand dollars and you have waited six months was it worth the wait?

It amazes me how one seller will not be concerned with countering a very low offer and may just accept it while another seller will fight for less than $500 and be willing to lose the deal if they do not get their price. Which kind of seller are you?

If you would like to know what your house is worth today call your Realtor or if you don’t have one give me a call and I can help.