Are you tired of trying to find good tenants?

Are you tired of trying to find good tenants? We have a selection process that eliminates the guess work. I recently met with an owner that had managed their own property with two different tenants. The fist time they leased it they had some issues with the tenant paying rent and the condition the home was being kept in while the tenants lived there.

Once they rehabbed the property they hoped for a better outcome with he second tenants. This time the tenants not only did not pay on time but eventually left the home and owners in a state of devastation. The back yard was filled with garbage. The living room ceiling was black from soot and the fireplace insert glass was broken. The tenants took furnishings in addition to the cooling system. There were holes in walls in doors and the kitchen was left in terrible condition. The owner had to go to court and was left feeling like they had been violated.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so there is a solution. Hire a property manager to take care of these issues and most likely stop them before they get to this point. Give me a call today to discuss our no nonsense approach to property management. Happy leasing!