Can you help?

Do you wonder when is a good time to sell your real estate? If you have been considering when might be the time, I say the time is now! In the last week I listed two homes for sale and within 24 hours of the first showing the homes both have offers. They were both priced at the top of the market.

You may ask, “What should I do if I want to sell?” or “What is my home really worth?” I  an answer both of these questions for you. Call me and I can help.  Getting a current market analysis of your property is imperative when considering to sell your home.  You may be aware of other homes in your neighborhood that have sold; however, if the date they sold is longer than 6 months the sale may not be used a a comparison.  In some cases appraisers may use sales of only 3 months depending upon how many are available in your area.

If you are on the fence about selling, call me today for a free consultation and market analysis of your property. I does not take long and there is no obligation. I can also help you with preparing your property for a quick sale. Call Barb Ramirez, Realtor today at 775-688-4668, REALTY WORLD-Ballard Co.