Property Management Soultions

lovely-little-cottage-3-1228858Whether you are a homeowner or investor and have a rental property you may be in need of property management solutions. What do you do when your tenant tells you that they have a hardship such as they just lost their job or experienced a medical issue and have had to be off work and do not have the rent?

What about when you get a call in the middle of the night, or at 6:00 pm on Friday or even on the weekend as we all know that emergencies never happen when it is convenient or during normal business hours.

If you are lucky enough to have a staff of on call individuals to take care of the issue then it is not a problem and most likely will not interrupt your day, night or weekend, however; if you do not have that support then you are changing your plans and dropping what you were in the middle of to take care of the issue.

Who do you call when you need maintenance done? Do you have an on call vendor to turn to? How about a list of professional companies to handle what ever should arise? If you don’t then to the yellow pages you must turn.

When your tenants move out and hopefully leave on good terms, how do you find new good tenants? Do you use Craigslist or the newspaper? Are you able to adequately screen your applicants and weed out the not so good ones? If they did not leave the home in the same condition as they received it who do you call to do the work to make it ready for rent?

If these or other issues plague you there is an alternative. You can hire me to manage your property. Our service will handle all of these issues and more. Additionally you will receive a breakdown of all the charges on a monthly statement with the rent being deposited directly into your bank account.

Does this sound like something you need in your life? If so, give me a call, text me or email me. I will be happy to advise you of all our services and fees. Call Barb Ramirez at 775-688-4668-Office or 775-690-7143-Cell or email me at

Have a care free day! I look forward to hearing from you.

Does fraud bother you?

I have a listing for a 4 bedroom, 1 and a half bath home in Reno NV for sale. Today I started getting emails from people asking if the ad on craigslist was real.  I answered of course it is real. They responded with the rental listing for $790 with all utilities paid? I could not believe it. Someone had taken my listing and put their fraudulent information on a new craigslist ad and they were trying to rent the home I have for sale, pretending to be the owner! This person even went as far as to text individuals and even email documentation that they are the owner. I am amazed at the lengths people will go to obtain money falsely. Please if you are looking to rent or to buy DO NOT send any personal information or money if you are unable to meet with the REALTOR, Property Manager or homeowner. I not only received the emails from people wondering if it was a scam or the real deal but also a phone call and even a text (from my for sale sign on the property). Remember if is sounds too good to be true it just might be. If you need help to rent or buy contact a REALTOR or Property Manager and if you do not know one you can always contact me for help or a referral. Please make sure that you are leasing from a person who has the legal right to lease or sell to you. If you are buying you will go though escrow and title and there is a process, not just sending money to an account. Additionally make sure that you have verified all information and they have not simply emailed you documents that they can obtain online. With the age of the Internet property and owner information is easy to obtain. Be careful and if you suspect fraud or a scam verify, report and flag it please! Happy hunting!