How to Boost your Credit Score


I recently found a great article written and posted on May 5, 2016 by Paul Sian that gave advice on how to boost your credit score when applying for a home loan in Cincinnati OH., but this information applies to anyone getting a loan no matter where you live. I would normally write the information myself but this was good just as it is so I will simply share his post. Hope you find it a interesting as I did.

How To Boost Your Credit Score Prior To Applying For A Mortgage Loan

Dream of Buying?

I often ask renters if they have ever thought of buying home instead of renting. Often the answer is that they do not think they can qualify. This is a common misconception. Many of these same clients have been pre-qualified in the same day, within an hour or two of our first conversation. If you have ever wanted to buy but think you may not qualify, for whatever reason, instead of continuing to pay for someone else’s home mortgage payment, give me a call and we will see if this will be an option for your next home.