Property Management Soultions

lovely-little-cottage-3-1228858Whether you are a homeowner or investor and have a rental property you may be in need of property management solutions. What do you do when your tenant tells you that they have a hardship such as they just lost their job or experienced a medical issue and have had to be off work and do not have the rent?

What about when you get a call in the middle of the night, or at 6:00 pm on Friday or even on the weekend as we all know that emergencies never happen when it is convenient or during normal business hours.

If you are lucky enough to have a staff of on call individuals to take care of the issue then it is not a problem and most likely will not interrupt your day, night or weekend, however; if you do not have that support then you are changing your plans and dropping what you were in the middle of to take care of the issue.

Who do you call when you need maintenance done? Do you have an on call vendor to turn to? How about a list of professional companies to handle what ever should arise? If you don’t then to the yellow pages you must turn.

When your tenants move out and hopefully leave on good terms, how do you find new good tenants? Do you use Craigslist or the newspaper? Are you able to adequately screen your applicants and weed out the not so good ones? If they did not leave the home in the same condition as they received it who do you call to do the work to make it ready for rent?

If these or other issues plague you there is an alternative. You can hire me to manage your property. Our service will handle all of these issues and more. Additionally you will receive a breakdown of all the charges on a monthly statement with the rent being deposited directly into your bank account.

Does this sound like something you need in your life? If so, give me a call, text me or email me. I will be happy to advise you of all our services and fees. Call Barb Ramirez at 775-688-4668-Office or 775-690-7143-Cell or email me at

Have a care free day! I look forward to hearing from you.


What’s it Worth?

Maybe you’re thinking of selling, maybe you’re thinking of refinancing, or maybe you’re just curious about the market. But the question is, “What is that residence of yours worth?”

Such a simple question should be returned with a simple answer, right? Well unfortunately, determining the value of your home–or any home for that matter–can be a tricky process. You can go online and these days there are endless websites that will promise you a fast answer with fancy charts and graphs. As tempting as it may be to trust this information, be wary of letting a computer program tell you what your largest investment is worth.

The trouble with these websites is that they have little to no local market information and if they do have local information it may not be updated frequently. They are not aware that a new park is being built, or that a four-lane highway is being re-routed, or that you’ve lovingly cared for and maintained your home.

The bottom line is this: If you’re serious about getting an informative valuation for your home you should contact a local real estate professional. These professionals work with the actual people who will ultimately determine the value of your home–the home buyer themselves. This is their profession and they will be happy to sit with you and explain the current market conditions that affect your home value.

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Cold Creek community seen from the south end o...
Cold Creek community seen from the south end of Indian Ridge, Spring Mountains, southern Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Exterior of home of Luther Walker, his wife an...
Exterior of home of Luther Walker, his wife and baby. The company is responsible for the exterior repairs and upkeep…. – NARA – 540811 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cold Creek community bulletin board, Spring Mo...
Cold Creek community bulletin board, Spring Mountains, southern Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a difference a day makes or in this case a week makes. Just last week it was high 70’s weather, at least in Northern Nevada, and now there is snow on the mountains and upper elevations. Even the valleys are freezing.

At this time of year you should have  your hoses disconnected and sprinklers drained and weatherized.  If you have a swamp cooler it is a good idea to cover it and block the cold air from coming in.  Even if you are a tenant and do not own your home, keep in mind that many leases hold you responsible to weatherize your rental unit.  Be sure to check your lease for details.

Even if you are a do it yourself kind of person you may consider using a handyman to do the work or even make repairs to keep you warm. I recently found an article on this and wanted to share it with you.

Be sure to keep warm and stay dry during the winter months!

What is the best time to sell?

Recently I was asked what the best time to sell is. In my opinion, the best time to sell is when it makes sense, when the numbers work for you. Each individual has a different set of circumstances, price they wish to obtain and reason for selling.

Just because traditionally many believe that winter months are slow. While this may be true for some, according to the Reno Sparks Association of Realtor’s we are currently in a Seller’s market. Why not take advantage of that and sell your home in Reno, NV or Sparks, NV now. With the low inventory your home is sure to be showcased and get plenty of attention providing that it is priced right!

Additionally for buyers there are a number of down payment assistance programs and even grants available to help them realize the American dream. For one grant, currently available, you do not have to be a first time home buyer and grant means no repayment requirement! Call me today to discuss how I can help you to realize your goal. Happy listing and happy hunting!