Don’t forget about the Tax Breaks

One of the many perks of home-ownership is big tax breaks. So whether you’re doing your taxes yourself or getting help from a professional, it’s important to take advantage of those breaks!

Mortgage Interest Deduction: Before buying a home, as a renter, standard deduction may have made the most sense when you prepared your taxes. But homeowners can deduct the interest portion of their mortgage payments, and the earlier you are in your mortgage, the greater the percentage of each payment that goes toward interest, so take advantage right away!

Home Office: There are specific criteria that have to be met in order to deduct home office expenses, but it can lead to a very large deduction. In general, your home office has to be used specifically for business purposes. Be sure to check with a tax professional to see if your home office qualifies for a deduction—it’s a little extra work, but can make a big difference in your tax responsibility.

How is your market?



One of the questions that I seem to hear the most is, “How it the market?” My response is GREAT! Truth is whether it is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, if your home is priced correctly it should sell rather quickly. If it does, you achieved your goal. If you are not getting offers or showings then an adjustment needs to be made. The market often tells us what the price should be. Of course we may not like what we hear but that is a good temperature gauge for us. How is your market? If you have questions give me a call and I will answer your questions or at the very least point you in the right direction.









Dream of Buying?

I often ask renters if they have ever thought of buying home instead of renting. Often the answer is that they do not think they can qualify. This is a common misconception. Many of these same clients have been pre-qualified in the same day, within an hour or two of our first conversation. If you have ever wanted to buy but think you may not qualify, for whatever reason, instead of continuing to pay for someone else’s home mortgage payment, give me a call and we will see if this will be an option for your next home.

Are you tired of trying to collect the monthly rent?

Are you tired of chasing your tenants each month for the rent? Sometimes this task can be so exhausting.  Often tenants can have a plethora of excuses as to why they do not have the rent. By handing this task over to a professional service you can rest a little easier.   REALTY WORLD-Ballard Co., Inc. Property Management offers this service and has a no nonsense approach to collection of rents. Let us handle your rental for you. For a free recorded message call 888-689-2996 ext. 16 or call Barb at 775-688-4668 for a free consultation or respond to this posting. Visit